Thursday, January 24, 2008

They grow up SO fast!

So I was going through of Maggies's pictures on the computer tonight, all the while thinking to myself, you really need to get your lazy self up and download some more recent ones, anyway... Here is one of her and I back in March of last year. Almost one year ago! Where does the time go? She could barely hold her head up then and now she is running all over the place! Oh my word! Okay, that's my excuse for a post! Love ya Mags!


meluvzmb said...

Awwww mags so dorable!

blondyluvzyou said...

Hey Em! :)
Your blog is really cute! I like it alot! Miss you tons! Can't wait to have a "girl day/night" :) Love ya!
<3 Courtney

Patty said...

That is a really great picture. Two very pretty girls!

*eMiLy GrAcE* said...

Oh, Thanks a lot:)