Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Weekend

Malachi is 2 years old
Elijah is 10 months and pretty much always this happy!

Not much has been going on around here. Friday through Tuesday I kept Malachi and Elijah because their parents were out-of-town to New York City. That was fun having a house and car- and well- the kids came along with it- to myself. Ha Ha I can now see what my mom has been telling me for years is true- that everything takes twice as long with little children. There is no such thing as an hour and a half gym trip or a "dash" into the mall to "run" through one store or a "leisurely" Sunday morning etc... or letting a 2-year old help in the kitchen, why do they find it necessary to dump SALT into my lemon bars when I turn my back??:) Oh, well, it just makes it all the more fun!

See, I had to plan way ahead of time in order to leave the house when I wanted to for reasons like the above, I wasn't just putting one person's shoes on, no, now it was 3 people!:)-

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