Thursday, February 28, 2008


Lehney and Noah

Nathan and Noah

Here is a picture update! Pretty much just a combination of pictures taken over the past several weeks!

A Few Weeks Late!

Here's Courtney and I at Smokey Bones a few weeks ago! Instead of ordering dinner, we decided to order cake and ice cream! Boy was it yummy;) The only consolation was that we didn't eat the whole thing, so that made us feel a little better! ha ha We can be real pigs when we get together! Love ya, Court!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

17 Things About Me

I'm 17 so that seemed like a good number to choose:) I have seen on various blogs lately how people are posting facts about their life or what they enjoy etc... so I thought I would give it a try...hope you don't become too bored...

  • I was born in Memphis, TN
  • I have lived in KY for 5 years
  • I have 3 brothers and 1 sister
  • One awesome sister-in-law & 2 gorgeous nieces
  • I don't like animals( with very few exceptions...)
  • I love kids!
  • I could live on Chocolate and Almonds but despise chips
  • I love exercising and consider it a hobby:)
  • I love shopping
  • I love laughing
  • I watch movies when I'm stressed out
  • I love to take pictures and scrapbook
  • I am a clean-freak( ask my mom!)
  • The thought of Math makes my head hurt:)
  • The South is my idea of Paradise
  • I have an obsession with buying every new face wash on the market( just ask my sister what our shower looks like, I could probably open a Dermatologist Office:)
  • Finally, I love Jesus, He's been my friend when I didn't have any and He supplies my joy in life!